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SWAMI Bliss Bracelet works as a SPIRITUAL DEVICE.
It can be said that a human body is the most evolved substance in the local galaxy where we live since the creation when origin consciousness made materialize this universe.
Therefore, the human body has surprising minute structure and the whole aspect of the function is not yet clarified by present-day science, either.
The personal computer has evolved as supplementary apparatus to man's action, and it is melted into the life as existence like a sub-computer which now assists in the daily working of the brain.
However, not only such high technology but natural objects, such as plants, minerals, other living things, have also been used for a human body or its consciousness to give some effects from ancient times.
For example, they are continuing being used as a nutrition for strength, or a means for being connected to high dimension consciousness.
Some substance is taken like Chinese medicine, and some has been utilized as accessories which have the power of acting on the energy field of a human body.
All the substances including natural and artificial objects have emitted the peculiar wave motion like high-tech equipment is receiving and sending an electric wave.
That is because the particle in itself which is those components is vibrating.
Man is born in this world and attains his wish with will.
The aggregate of the wish forms the world.
Therefore, it is not too much to say that the quality of each wish determines the trend in the world.
The places where receive a flash firstly are "brains" when people do a creation.
Then people create something directly with their “hands” and the transportation device for action is a "leg."
(The direct point of action is a "hand" and transportation device for action is a "leg")
The figure which all the functions were unified extremely and carried out the self-conclusion can call it a human body.
The supreme temple where the soul is settled are human bodies!

Although a "hand" is a point of action of energy which manages contact and creation, SWAMI BB rolled on the wrist which is used as the fulcrum has a meaning beyond it not only as accessories.
In absorption of energy, and the route of radiation, SWAMI BB adjusts or amplifies the flow of those wave motions, or has a meaning which purifies the wave motion which flows in from the outside.

SWAMI power stones are purified by powerful prayer and the positive wave motion is put.
By carrying out the imprint of one's wish to the power stone,
the process when "hand" as a point of action materializes the wish is energized.