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Swami Anand Svabhava. Swami was born in Osaka, Japan in 1957.
During the time he was an impressionable young man, anti-Vietnam war protests raged through the United States, generating a counter-culture that questioned the Western drive for material prosperity. This eventually came to be called the Hippy or Flower Movement, expressing itself in various forms including fashion, music and art, and eventually reaching its way throughout the world and to Japan.
As with many of the youth during that time, Swami was powerfully affected by the movement. While the movement's back-to-nature philosophy and other nature-based aspirations appealed to much of the younger generation, what really struck a chord with Swami was the exploration of the 'Inner Spiritual World', a delving into the Eastern mystical philosophies on which the whole of the Movement was based.
After traveling through both Japan and beyond in search of a deeper understanding of his own true nature, Swami found his way to Pune, India. On March 15, 1981, he was initiated by Osho, becoming a Sannyasin (generally defined as a Hindu religious mendicant). He received the name Swami Anand Svabhava, which means "Bliss is our self-nature".
While Swami learned much through his experiences in Pune, he reached the realization that he is "just a human being, creating his life as only he can", and that "everything he seeks is already within himself". The goal he truly aspired to reach was not to become a man of religion or a philosopher. He determined to walk his own unique path, allowing his soul to be nourished by the deep spiritual aspects ingrained within the creative processes he was naturally drawn to most - music, art, sports, travel, dance, and laughter.