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"Bliss is our Self-Nature"
~The minerals (stones) which hold the memories of the source of the Universeā€¦~
~The trees and plants which heal and purify the hearts and minds of human beingsā€¦~
SWAMI's power stone accessories are created from carefully selected materials born of the Earth, vibrating with the energies unique to our beautiful planet. The pieces are designed with pure intentions, handcrafted to release the message of love, peace and light into the world. Infused with prayers of Japanese esoteric Buddhism, these accessories not only look and feel beautiful, but also serve to harmonize your energy with realms of higher consciousness, increasing your ability to manifest your dreams.
In Japanese, they are traditionally called "Omamori".
~Feel the energy and healing powers of the Universe held in the stones, imbued with prayers of love, peace, and gratitude for Mother Nature. ~